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Tue 31 January 2017

The Peruvian Botany Society is a non-profit civil association that brings together scientists interested in the development of botanical research in Peru. It was born in 1948 because of the concern of the botanists of Peru to gather in an academic entity that made it possible to organize the scientific meetings and publish a newsletter with the articles of the specialty. After many years of intense activity, the Society Disappeared, to date 2004 a new generation of botanists re-energize the activities of the same, making possible in 2007 the legal registration of the Society in the Public Registry of Peru.

The objectives of the Society are:

To foster and stimulate the development and knowledge of Botany, both in its base and in its application, through meetings, conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars, publications, refresher courses and / or training.

To disseminate the knowledge and advances of science through the written and electronic media.

Establish a documentation center on basic and applied botany.

To pronounce on the subjects related to the flora, its habitat, sustainable management, uses in foodstuffs and conservation, before the public and private organisms.

Provide advice to public and private bodies on research, teaching, use and conservation of plant resources and ecosystems.

Sponsor meetings, exhibitions and training courses in order to disseminate the knowledge of botany to the national and international community.


Recent News


Botannicals and the Modern American Diet

17th of June

Lecture by Dr. Pablo Segovia

Just because something is a natural compound, does that make it better for human consumption than chemically produced compounds?

In this lecture, Dr. Segovia examines the perceptions, myths and dogma attached to the inclusion of botannical and so-called 'natural' compounds in the American Diet, as well as in commercial products.

Dr. Segovia remarks, "Even fast food restaurants have recently tried to get on the 'natural ingredients' bandwagon. In a survey of randomly chosen fast food near me, 30% touted natural ingredients as a selling point. Mexican food near me fares a little better, with the Taco Bell menu choices actually containing a sizable portion of natural ingredients." Indeed, the Taco Bell menu and KFC menu serve as the basis for Segovia's study and the nutrient elements are dealt with in depth.

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